In the late 1970's, the country was experiencing a noticeable rise in crime and violence.  Naturally this was affecting all communities, both large and small.  Police administrators and community leaders determined that to ensure that peace and tranquility would prevail within their communities, it became a priority to establish a mechanism within their agency that would recognize these acts of crime and violence, record data and then put into effect a program that could effectively deal with these problems.  Most law enforcement agencies named this initiative the "crime prevention unit".

The City of Rome was also facing some of the same concerns as other cities were.  Therefore, the City of Rome Police Department established a crime prevention unit about twenty-five years ago.  One of the first missions was to increase community awareness and to educate the public on how to report and prevent crime and how to protect their property.  This unit continues to promote safety and crime prevention and has expanded its presentations to include identity theft, internet crimes and credit card fraud in an effort to inform the citizens of Rome regarding the nature of changing criminal trends.

The crime prevention unit of the Rome Police Department is very active and it is committed to keeping the community safe.  Programs for children, adults, senior citizens, business community and financial institutions have all been formulated and are being continually updated and presented. 

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Eric Stevens
Police Officer
301 North James Street
Rome, NY 13440
Phone: (315) 339-7722

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