Rome Police Department History

 The Village of Rome, NY was created by chapter 77 of the laws of 1819, which set forth the officers of the community.  At that early date, there was no mention of "police", but in chapter 127 of the Laws of 1835, entitled "An act to alter the charter of the Village of Rome," provisions were included for the election of a police constable and for the creation of police regulations.

By 1870, Rome authorized in its charter the annual appointment for one-year terms of a Marshall and two police constables.  In 1878, regulations provided for a chief, captain of the nightwatch and a station keeper.  This system continued until 1890, at which time a board of fire and police commissioners was established.  Thereafter, appointments and promotions in the police force were based on merit and seniority as Rome grew from a village into a city.

Prior to 1894, the police station was located in the 100 block of East Whitesboro Street, just east of the old Ft. Stanwix Hotel.  In 1894, the police department moved into the ground floor of the old City Hall located on North James Street.  Over time, the police department grew from a complement of ten officers to fifty-seven officers and six civilian employees.  From that point forward, the department progressed and divisions were set up within the department that had not existed in the past.  The detective division, traffic, identification and records divisions were established. In June of 1961, ground was broken for the creation of a new police station building which would be located at the corner of North James Street and Court Street.  This location was occupied by a school, which was razed to make way for the new police headquarters.  The new police headquarters would  be named the "Justice Building".  One year later, the police department  moved into their new headquarters.  In 1999, The Justice Building received a complete renovation.  During these renovations, the police department was temporarily housed in the former Columbus Elementary school located on Columbus Ave.  The Justice Building re-opened on November 17th., 2000 and continues to house the police department as well as Rome City Court. The police department currently has an authorized strength of seventy-six officers.

    Chiefs of Police

David W. Health (1868-1871)

Jay G. Orcutt (1872-1873)

George Mizer (1874)

Thomas C. Wilds (1875-1879)

John L. Farquharson (1880-1881)

Thomas Byrnes (1882-1889)

Michael Hagerty (1890-1898)

D.D. Driscoll (1899)

Thomas A. Barry (1900-1910)

John F. McLaughlin (1911-1913)

William J. Keating (1914-1925)

Joseph T. Owens (1925-1947)

John H. Bowes (1947-1948)

James C. Dunn (1948-1973)

Joseph G. Grande (1974-1987)

Edward R. Cretaro (1987-1991)

David B. Combs (1991-1993)

Merino J. Ciccone Jr. (1993-2004)

Otto J. Panara (2004-2006)

Gary J. DeMatteo (2006-2008)

Kevin C. Beach (2008-Present)




Contact Information

301 N. James Street
Rome, NY 13440
Phone: (315) 339-7780

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Non-Emergency Dispatch:
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